Youth Athletics


A variety of skill levels are available to children of Iredell County.
  • Recreation soccer is offered  for ages 5-12 (U6 to U12).
  • Some children age 4 may be eligible to play depending on date of birth.
Registration begins for children by signing up at your local community schools.

Once registration is complete, local soccer association coordinators will assign children to teams and schedule practices. Practices are usually through the week, with all games played on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.
Young Boy Taking a Soccer Corner Kick
2021 Fall Recreation Soccer Registration
  • Fall season registration usually starts early July 12th and runs through the mid-August.  
  • Signs and information should be posted in your area, or you can contact Iredell County Parks & Recreation office and we will be happy to get you registration information. 
  • Player fees for soccer vary per district, but typically range from $60-85. This should include the player uniform, referee/equipment/administrative fees, and state-required insurance for the soccer year. 
  • Coordinators will need to verify the player's birth certificate during registration 
    (please bring a copy for validation)

Recreation Season Dates 

  • Regular season matches will be played on Saturdays and Sundays, and start the weekend of September 11, 2021 and end by October 16, 2021, weather permitting.  Some U6 soccer games will also be played on Friday evenings.
  • Possible regular season make up weekend is October 23rd & 24th.