What is the staff to camper ratio? What is the usual age distribution in camp?
Our staff to camper ratio is no more than 1:10 for Camp Iredell, and 1:8 for Camp Iredell Adventures. For certain larger trips (such as Carowinds and Emerald Pointe), we bring in additional staff to help lower this ratio. The age distribution varies each year, as we are not able to predict exactly who will register for our programs. Camp Iredell tends to have roughly 50% fall in the middle ranges (ages 7-9) with the remaining age ranges (5-6 and 10-11) falling fairly evenly on both ends (20-30% each).

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1. What are the age requirements for camp? What if my child has a summer birthday?
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4. Do I have to register for the whole summer, or can I pick which weeks I want my child to attend?
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10. Are the campers divided into smaller groups based on age or activity?
11. What if I need to pick up my child early, before the camps are back at the school sites?
12. What is the staff to camper ratio? What is the usual age distribution in camp?
13. If my child can not attend the entire week, can I pay for a partial week or be reimbursed for the days they are absent?
14. Do we have to be an Iredell County resident to participate in your camps?
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16. Do you provide receipts or payment summaries for tax purposes and/or dependent care spending accounts?